Our Fuel Keeps You Moving

Our Fuels

We take pride in delivering on a simple promise to our customers: to provide top-notch, reliable fuel every time you fill up at Sunoco. We conduct regular field testing at our stations across the country to ensure our gasoline and service station equipment meet the high standards we demand. It’s our proven track record that led NASCAR® to choose us as their official fuel supplier. Our promise also includes consistent, quality service, with customer service representatives available any time you have questions.

What makes Sunoco fuel different from other brands

  • Sunoco fuels significantly exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gasoline detergency standards. All grades of Sunoco fuel contain the same level of detergent.
  • In addition to government-mandated detergency tests, Sunoco fuels are subject to additional testing by an independent, third-party lab to further ensure their quality.
  • Sunoco fuels contain other additives such as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants, which help to ensure fuel quality. They also promote a longer “shelf life”, which means the fuel will last longer in between uses.
  • Dispensers at Sunoco gas stations filter and trap particles as small as 10 microns from the gasoline before it gets into your tank.
  • Sunoco fuels meet every car manufacturer's specifications for oxygenated and reformulated fuels in areas where those fuels are required by law.
  • Sunoco fuels do not contain methanol.
  • As stipulated by most automobile manufacturers, Sunoco fuels contain no more than 10% ethanol.
  • Sunoco fuels do not contain MMT, a manganese-based fuel additive banned by the EPA in certain types of fuels.

Choose Your Octane

Sunoco is the only major gasoline retailer to sell four grades of gasoline in the United States:

  • Regular (87 octane)
  • Plus (89 octane)
  • Premium (91 octane)
  • Ultra®93

What octane is right for your car? Many car owners' manuals recommend a certain octane level, but advise owners to increase octane if they detect an audible knock or unsatisfactory performance. In some cars with knock sensors, ignition timing is retarded when knock is detected. This can impact a car’s acceleration performance. A higher octane Sunoco fuel can restore performance in vehicles under these conditions as well as provide improved performance for cars programmed to take advantage of higher-octane gasoline. Find out more in gasoline facts and tips.

Fuel Economy

Sunoco is committed to helping you save money on fuel. Learn more about ways to save on gas, or give the gift of "go" with a Sunoco Gas Gift Card.